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Aegis: the Shield

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Ageis: The Shield {Out of Character Communication
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This is the OOC Communication and New Member Information Community for the LJ RP Aegis: the Shield {A Weiss Kreuz RPG}. If you want to join, please refer to the information below and note that we have filled most of the main canon characters, with the exception of Crawford and Nagi, and we are currently in need of players who wish to take on originals (see description for details).

Thanks for your interest, and for those of you who are already a part of Aegis, welcome! :D This is the place for you to chat about your RP woes, comment on ongoing plotlines, work out new plotlines, or just chat it up with other members of the RP. I'd been debating whether or not to create this extra community, but Casey pretty much said it would be more than beneficial, so it sounds good to me. I'll post various announcements about the RP here, as well as any plotline information I feel is relevant, etc. This can also be used as a social board, where you can post freely about your interests, chat with the rest of us, and even post links to fics, art, etc.


I have been a faithful follower of Weiss Kreuz in all its forms (manga, anime, Gluhen, drama CDs, doujinshi, voice actors, etc), and I decided that it was time for me to create a community for yaoi-friendly, cannon-friendly, anything-goes RP, where all Weiss Kreuz lovers can come to either watch or play (preferably play, of course).


Because there are so many versions of Weiss out there to start from, I figured we'd go with what everybody seems to know -- the original anime series. I would like to pull away from the end of the series a bit to say that the final battle's outcome was never solved and none of the members of Weiss know if the other members survived or not. No bodies were ever found, no investigations made, and no questions asked. Basically, the world continued to turn as if nothing happened.

As for Aya, Yohji, Ken, and Omi... they escaped from the wreckage and didn't look back. None of them wanted to continue such lives as they lived before with Weiss, and so they didn't question the outcome or well-being of the others. For Aya, Weiss is dead, as are Yohji, Ken, and Omi, and the same goes for the rest of them, where everyone is presumed dead to the world. This also now goes for Schwarz, who were offered the same chance at survival and walking away from the only world they'd ever known.

Of course, if you, as a player, wish to join forces with another player (i.e. if Card and Gabrielle decide they want to it as if Schuldig and Farfarello met after the wreckage and joined together for whatever reason), that's totally plausible. Just let me know, so I can put that information to good use. ^_^

Continuing with the plot; as Omi pieces together his own life, he realizes he will never be content to live a happy and carefree existance when so many people in the world are still suffering. He makes a split-second decision that will affect the rest of his life and the lives of so many others -- he decides to start Weiss back up again, with the original members and then some. This new Weiss Kreuz survives under a codename: Aegis or "shield". For the past five years before this story begins, Omi researches and spies, bribes and fights his way to every member of Weiss, tracking them down to the best of his abilites. He also searches for Schwarz, knowing that, if they are alive, they will be beneficial allies in his quest for world peace. In the meantime however, he recruits new members of Aegis, in the hopes that with or without Aya, Yohji, Ken, Schuldig, Farfarello, Crawford, and Nagi, Weiss Kreuz will live on, fighting evil and injustice to rid the world of all its painful suffering.


This SL begins five years after the anime ends.

We currently have filled ALL members of the original Weiss Kreuz team and half of Schwarz. If we cannot fill the positions of Crawford and Nagi, that is NOT a bad thing. Omi will constantly be searching for the members, whether or not they're in-play for us. Omi doesn't know if they're dead or alive until he can find everything about them and what happened after the chaos of their final battle.

That said, we NEED new characters. These characters are your own creations, whatever you make of them. They can be similar to the original Weiss, but I would request they are not similar to original Schwarz members. I just don't want any powers that are uncontrollable, if that makes sense. If you have any worries or questions, feel free to run them by me. ^_^

This is a serious RP, intended for serious players with a flair for creativity, drama, and a comprehensive knowledge of their character. Please read the rules below, and send me an email or just join and post your application in the OOC journal.


1. HAVE FUN. This is the most important rule, and as such, it doesn't belong at the end of my rant of rules but at the very beginning. ^_^ Enjoy yourselves and let it show through your creativity and character-building! A good story is the goal.

2. Be a team player. I hate to say it, but there's always that one player who compromises the RP to his own whims and basically attempts to be a drama queen and force the entire RP to revolve around their character. For this RP, Omi is the focus, but that doesn't mean he's going to be the topic of every conversation. On the contrary, once we get going, he'll be just another member of the team. So play along, and refer to rule number one if necessary. ~.^

3. Be a grammar Nazi. Seriously, just capitalize what needs to be uppercased, put commas in their place, and type in complete paragraphed thoughts. Nobody minds a few errors (I'm sure there are a few in here), but when it gets hard to read, there's a problem. If you need to, refer to your local spelling/grammer check in AOL!mail, Word, etc.

4. Know your character. Schuldig is probably not going to burst into tears if Aya hits him, Ken isn't going to suck on a lollipop to get Yohji's attention (much to Yohji's displeasure, I'm sure), and Omi is no longer a little boy -- so give these characters what they deserve and read up on them if you need to! I've got to remember that Ken's been in a fire, so his back's effed up like nobody's business. So it's your job to remember your character's little quirks. I know a lot can change about a person in five years, so if you wanna go that route, be my guest -- but stick to it. If it seems a little out of character, even to you, rethink and edit it.

5. Don't leave!! If you can't commit to posting in this community at least once every week or biweekly in special circumstances, please don't join. I'd love to bend this rule, but it would suck to have a great RP going and then to see it stop because you've got a million papers due for the next 5 months. Even if you don't have time to post in LJ, send me your post in an email and I'll update it for you. No biggie. ^^ If you need a vacation (and everyone does!), give your character a vacation too, and post a plausible exit from the SL, such as sending Yohji on a mission in Korea that involves a month-long undercover job.

6. Be able to post at least once a week. This rule... You know, it's very hard to run any kind of RP in general, and it's harder to belong to an RP that doesn't have a rule about this sort of thing. Basically, once a week isn't a big commitment. Set aside 30 minutes at most a week to get a good reply in and you're good to go. For me, I'm online every day anyway, so it'll be easy to get some good play out of me. If you think once a week is too much, I would consider not joining. It wouldn't be fair to everyone who loves to play to have to wait, especially if you play Omi or another main player. If you play Tot or something (god help us), you can probably get away with the bare minimum.

7. AIM RP is allowed. Basically, as I've said, journal play is extremely hard, and if AIM RP (or MSN, yahoo, etc; whatever floats your boat) isn't incorporated or at the very least allowed, people tend to get anxious and wander off. This way, if you want to spend 5 hours straight RPing an intense scene between Farf and Omi, that's great! You're welcome to do it on the journal, but it seems MUCH easier to me to do it privately. Especially if you want, errr, no interuptions, if you catch my drift. ::elbows and waggles eyebrows:: ehe~

8. Which brings me to the final rule: SEX! Yay sex! I love sex. Yohji loves sex. Omi loves dreaming about sex. In short, everyone loves sex. However, not everyone wants to read your kinky Schuldig-and-his-shoe-fetish RP. Sooo, and this is VERY important, please read, if your character decides to do the deed, please post it under an LJ cut tag. Within the tag, please WARN the rest of us that if we click on the link, it will take us directly into Naughtyland. I will NOT bend on this one, because it DOES cause problems. So be good little kiddies and get to know your LJ cuts! :D

Which go as follows (sans the spaces, of course!):

< lj-cut text = "In these quotes, you tell us what your post is going to be about! So, this one could be titled, NC-17: Aya touches Omi's nonoes!" > And now, in the space in which I'm currently typing, you include your naughty post about how Aya likes to get it on with underage boys. >D When you're done, you close the tag like so. < /lj-cut >

That's pretty much all the rules I can think of. They're very straightforward, and you'll notice that they DO NOT include the stuff you should already know, like no bashing, no hating, no killing of other people's characters unless they want that sort of out, and no badness in general. Just be nice and play good and we'll all get along.

Also not included is something that most journal RPGs require -- a character journal. For this RP, you don't HAVE to have one. If you feel like writing some extra blogs about how Nagi's feeling on a humid summer morning, go for it, but you don't have to even have a character SN for your journal to play. If your journal name is "freeflying83", that's totally great. No pressure in that arena.


*Your name:
Your email:
Character's name:
RP Experience:

***A sample of how you would like to play your character:

****Time constraints:

*doesn't have to be your real one; just something we can call you in familiar chats or whatnot
**NO yahoo or myspace or skype or whatever -- just a simple SN where anyone can reach you if they need to
***though I'm not requiring a novel, the more you write, the better!
****anything standing between you and RP (piano lessons every week, high school, college, grad school, etc)

And that's it! Simple enough, ne? So if you like what you've read, please post your application anywhere you wish in Aegis OOC Communication and Information, and I, Ray, shall reply in a timely manner to let you know your status. ^^


Hidaka Ken: siberian_eyes; Ray
Tsukiyono Omi: caseyvalhalla; Casey
Fujimiya Ran: morder_kreuz; Anna
Kudou Yohji: quietladybirman; Laila

Schulig: cards_slash; Card
Farfarello: sonneillon_v; Gabrielle