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March 2007

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hemmungslos in aegis_ooc

Official Time Line

[[--indicates place holders for planned events that have not been RPed yet, which means that the date/actual content might change. They're included to help plan meetings between players.

***--indicates character journal enteries that are included as they deal with the eventual plotline

October 30th, 2006 (Monday): Omi goes to Colorado and Gets Ken

November 1st, 2006 (Wednesday): Schuldig and Farf have dinner

November 3rd (Friday): Schuldig and Farf discover Omi can't keep his house clean.
Then all three of them go to lunch

November 5th (Sunday): Farf goes hunting, goes home and finds Schuldig sleeping on his couch.

November 6th (Monday): Schuldig and Omi meet up with Yohji at the bar.
Omi drags Schuldig to the Alley.
Schuldig visits Farf after the alley.
Yohji and Ken meet up at the airport and go back to Yohji's Part One Part Two Part Three At Yohji's Apartment Later That Night

November 7th (Tuesday): Morning: Schu returns to Farf's to say he was sor--*cough*
Evening: Farf finds Aya
Slightly Later Evening: And meets up with him.

***Farf Doesn't Like American Accents

November 8th (Wednesday) : Midnight: Omi goes to Schuldig's apartment.
Morning: Farf goes to have breakfast with Yohji.
Noon: Schomi.
Evening: Omi finds Aya.
Night: Schomi.

***Shou's Zombie Nightmare

November 9th (Thursday): Early afternoon: Schuldig and Yohji have lunch (Yohji develops memory problems and a new line on his throat.)

[[Evening: Omi interrupts Ken and Yohji with cheeseburgers and pocky]](RP in progress)

November 10th (Friday): Late Afternoon: Schuldig brings Farf peace offering.
Sometime: Crawford orders an Irish Chef.

Schuldig Takes a Bath, Omi Finishes his Mainframe--and some pocky is involved too

November 11th (Saturday): Schuldig, Mamoru and Omi Have an Honest Talk

[Schuldig Tells Farf his Master Plan]

***Farf finds out about "Seer" ordering an irish chef and Shou and Kite aren't paid to kid

November 12th: [Omi Calls Aya]

***Farf Takes Out a Estet Agent. And finds Miss Kitty.

((Remember, object if you disagree.))
[Edited/Updated Dec 16, 2006]