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March 2007

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I'm In Ur Tubes Blockin Ur Internets.

Hi all:

At present the computer I use to go online's internet connection is not working any more than sporadically. At the most it's staying up and running for about five minutes at a stretch, and that's when I'm lucky. It took me about five goes just to post this message.

The problem, as a couple of you know, started last night and has only gotten worse today. I'll mention that there is a problem to the landlady's son, who knows about this sort of thing (and recently brought a new wireless router - there may be a connection here), but I really have no idea when this is going to get sorted, or how easy it'll be to fix. I hope to speak to you all soonest, but it may well be that I won't be able to come online at all this weekend. There's no way I can RP when the net dies every five minutes. Maybe whatever Kenken's intarwebs has got is catching.

Of course hopefully this won't be an issue as the problem will be resolved asap and everything will be sorted by then, but it may not be that simple, or may prove to be ongoing. Since I really have no idea what's going on with this thing, or even if it's a problem with the hardware or the ISP, and can't begin to resolve the problem myself, I can't be any more accurate than saying it'll be sorted when it's sorted. With any luck my landlady's son will be having the same problem re: maintaining a connection and will thus be inspired to get this sorted as quickly as possible...

Just felt you all should know. Sorry about this.



I know the chances of this reaching you are small, but since you live in an apartment the first thing you should do in regards to troubleshooting your router (if you haven't done this already) is make sure there isn't someone in the building with a 2.4 gHz cordless phone. Since most wireless routers transmit on a 2.4 gHz frequency, common net outages are often due to the interference of a cordless phone signal. Fortunately, there is a solution to this, and your ISP can help you with it. It involves going into your options and resetting your router and wireless card to send and recieve on a slightly different frequency.

If you've already tried this, disregard... I'm just suggesting it because I worked with electronics for years and this is the most common source of the problem you're experiencing, especially if it just started when you got your router.