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March 2007

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hemmungslos in aegis_ooc


*cough* So uh--since December is chock full of happy winter celebration-y type holidays--and since winter type holidays are usually family events--what are YOUR plans for the holiday?

AKA, how long should we be expecting not to see you because you'll be busy with familys/friends/cooking/piglets/hotsex/travelling/relativesvisit(you know, the one's not in your family..Oi, redundant much?)

Since I'm the one posting the question I shalt answer it thusly: I'll be about, but not much after about the 18th I figure. The week before Christmas is all about BAKING. I kid thee not. Bread, cookies, cookies, cookies, fudge, pies, no-bake cookies, cookies, cookies--(We give out sweets to our family as christmas baskets every year. And to people we work with, and to random folks and to people not in our family but somehow friended to us... Lots of baking) After that there's the cleanup. *very difficult to get flour off the floor and out of the dog's hair...* And *so many dishes--sooooo mannnnny dishes...* Plus all that other last minute junk. Plus work. So--yup.

The week after Christmas should be back to business as usual. Depending on when I work and when folks I know work and such.

SO--time for you guys to answer. (Even if I've attacked you on RP and asked you this, just so we have all this lovely info in one spot, please?)

*stern glare at all those people involved in RP.*


I've talked to Card about this already, but for everyone else's benefit as well: starting Saturday (the 16th) my brother will be home from college, and as such it's somewhat more important to be spending my free time with him rather than on the computer. Sometime around New Years my schedule should be back to normal.

I imagine everyone else has plans of their own, too, so it's probably easiest to just ease off on the RPing for a while.

Merry Christmas everyone!